êkhô is a graphic design studio based between  Marseille (FR) and Barcelona (SP)


êkhô works with a wide range of disciplines:

Editorial design | Art direction | Set design | 3D animation | Illustration | Motion design | Photography | Web design | Writing | Video projection | 

Mixing research and visual practice, êkhô incorporates writing and critical studies to its design process.

Research | Editorial design | 3D Animation | Sound design

In the name of ♥︎ 


In this research, êkhô explores the use of the heart symbol in the context of social media, e-commerce and the rise of nationalist mindsets in Europe.

How does the ♥︎ facilitate a design of trust to conceal privacy breach and to fuel stricter border closure politics?

Research | Set design | Editorial design | Animation 

Femme: exctinct stereotypes


Femme: exctinct stereotypes is a retro-futuristic exhibition. In an utopian world, based in 2050, the project aims at showing how women were protrayed around 2020’s.

In this research, êkhô explores stereotyped representation of women – in the context of internet and pop culture. Responding to skepticism towards feminist movements, this work aims to challenge the power of today’s western society. How are images playing a big role in creating and/or reproducing inequalities?

Video mapping | Art direction | Animation | Photography | Film | Poster design

From paper to video, how can graphic design evolve in space and light?

In collaboration with object designer, Manon Portera.

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