êkhô aims to be active across Europe and to work towards an interdisciplinary practice in visual communication. The studio is entrenched in research on gender studies, critical studies and decolonial studies blended with visual communication.

êkhô studio was co-founded by Claire Bonnet and Charlie-Camille Thomas. Both studied graphic design and art direction at HEAD–Geneva (ch) and hold a Master degree in visual communication and norm-critical studies from Konstfack, Stockholm (se). Charlie-Camille also studied at the School of Visual Arts of New York (us) and worked in Berlin (de), while Claire was at the Rotterdam school of design (nl) and worked  in Amsterdam. 

êkhô wants a future in which the image does not reproduce stereotypes;

in which relations of power are not propagated by our own visual culture;

in which humans are no longer categorized, undermined, objectified, sexualised, exotisized.

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