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êkhô is a graphic design studio based between Marseille(FR), Geneva(CH) and Barcelona(SP). Mixing research and visual practice, êkhô incorporates writing and critical studies to its design process.

2019 (NL)

Passport Power Rank


Selected poster for the Graphic Matters Festival, Breda (NL) which had for thematique this year, Information Superpower.

We looked at the unbalanced relationship between Swedish tourists coming en masse every winter and Thaï tourists forced to give as much as 14 documents to be allowed in Sweden. Tourist Visa, travel bans or exemption of visas, with this example, we aim to ask, who is allowed to travel freely and based on what?

In this research, êkhô explores the use of the heart symbol in the context of social media, e-commerce and the rise of nationalist mindsets in Europe.

How does the ♥︎ facilitate a design of trust to conceal privacy breach and to fuel stricter border closure politics?

Today’s fashion industry is glamorizing feminist movements and reducing them to a slogan directly printed on products as marketing tools. But what lies behind these new ways of communicating?

This work explore the relationship between the H&M group using feminism marketing to sell clothes, and the working conditions in the factories that make them.


2019 (SE)

In collaboration with object designer, Manon Portera.

2019 (SE)

C’est pas mon genre

We are overwhelmed by stereotyped, binary and normative images.

We have answered to a poster competition revolving around gender representation and held by etapes. We are questioning the stock images available and the references used.

C’Est pas mon genre

Marseille + Barcelona + Geneva 


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