2019 (FR)

Pas mon genre!


Art direction | Graphic Design | Norm Critical practice |

We are overwhelmed by stereotyped, binary and normative images.

We have answered to a poster competition revolving around gender representation and held by etapes. We are questioning the stock images available and the references used.


To explore our relationship to gender and its representation we decided to put together a list of references. Artists, writers, philosophers, journalists, cis/trans women and men and non binaries, question and bring forward our understanding of gender roles, sexualities, intersectionality between sexism, homophobia and racism; and their institutionnalisation.

We are offering a fictive exhibition, in a fictive museum called MuRE (Museum of Reflections towards Equality). The programme above would be part of a 3 days panel discussion.

Marseille + Barcelona + Geneva 


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